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Manufacturing Process

We build the quality products based on our clients requirements. To maintaing the quality we fllow strickt life-cycle to in our menufacturing process. We focus each and eavery steps of the menufacturing process.


Production Capacity

Forging 2 Ton Hammer 1 Nos.
Ring Rolling Machine 1 Nos.
CNC & VMC Machine 4 Nos.
Drilling Machine 2 Nos.

Raw Material

IncomingRaw material inspection process ,It is validates the quality of purchased raw materials based on set acceptance criteria and cut sample Piece and test chemical and mechanical properties at NABL accredited laboratory to verify before send to next process.

  • Inspection
  • Cut Sample Piece
  • Quality Check

Forging Process

After cutting raw material, Gradeand size are Identification tag with color code And Maintain all parameter duringvarious stages of forging productionand Material movement inwith documented, also identified on the shop floor to maintain the highest level of traceability and avoiding mix up chance.

  • Indentify Color Code
  • Indentify Shop Floor
  • Avoid Mix Up

Machining Process

Machining is the process of cutting extra material and give desired shapes and sizes for products, Maintain dimension and surface accuracy with gauges and instrument which is calibrated periodically. To avoid any discrepancy random checks are performed on the instruments and gauges.

  • Product Shape & Size
  • Maintain Dimension & Accuracy
  • Random Check

Dispatch Process

After machining process make product marking with all identification. Color or coating is must be on product to prevent product from atmosphere and Properpackage of material before dispatching.

  • Quality Check
  • Packaging
  • Dispatching